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Wonga has just saved me a fortune by being able to get my car fixed TODAY! I've to travel over 150miles this evening & can do it without any worries! how cool is that-MUCH MUCH coolness!


Whilst travelling home from work I realised that I had a problem with my car. I stopped at my local garage and was told that my car wasn't safe to drive and that the work would cost me approx £250. I don't get paid until the end of the month and was going into panic mode as to where I was going to find the money. Then remembered Wonga adverts on the tv. Applied and was approved in seconds. Brilliant service. Thank you Wonga I can get my car fixed now

SAM Nottingham

Just like to say your company have been fab with me and deffo recommend for quick loans very reliable thanks again Wonga


I am self employed and even though invoices are good cash can be tight the wonga loan allowed me to take on more work which grew my sales book


I swear I would be lost if I didn't have a WONGA account!!! I am on a 2 day business trip and left my purse at home :( logging into wonga and a few mins later I have just enough money to last until I get home!!!! Thanks WONGA!!! Xx